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We Accept
New Clients

We Can Help Bring You Clarity on Issues Such as:

Anxiety   Depression   Trauma   ADD/ADHD   Bipolar Disorder

Body Image Disorders   Bullying   Burnout   Communication Issues

Coping Skills   Disruptive Mood Dysregulation (DMDD)   Fatigue

LGBTQIA+   Mindfulness   Mood Disorders   Multicultural Concerns

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)   Oppositional Defiance   Parenting

Postpartum Depression   PTSD   Self Esteem

Self-Harming   Social Anxiety

Suicidal Ideation

If you're new to Clarity Counseling of West Georgia, please request an appointment.

We look forward to helping you gain direction in your life!

Welcome to Clarity Counseling of West Georgia

Clarity Counseling of West Georgia is about more than therapy. It’s about trust, safety and connection. We live in a world where trust, safety, and connection are rare commodities. Its difficult to find a place where we can put aside fear of rejection and truly be ourselves. What if there were a place where you didn’t have to pretend? What if there were a place where you could safely lower your guard and be yourself in all facets.

Clarity strives to be a place where you can develop trust with your therapist, safely explore presenting problems, and build a connection in an affirming therapeutic relationship that beckons you to explore who you are honestly and purely without fear.

Often when a person considers counseling or therapy, they have an array of fears and misconceptions. Everyone is familiar with the stereotypical image of a therapist sitting with glasses on the tip of their nose and a notepad in their lap eagerly waiting to critique every nuance of what we say. Needless to say this image does not do anything to draw us in. You won’t find that at Clarity. Our licensed therapists are regular people who often struggle the same as you. We have learned the tools and strategies to help us through and are glad to show them to you as well. Our therapists strive to reassure you that your feelings are valid and that you are not alone. We are happy to provide you with the unconditional support and acceptance you need to grow. Come talk with us!

Meet Your Counselors

JMW headshot.jpg

Joseph Whittington

Owner/ Mental Health Therapist


Please call me what my friends and loved ones call me: Matt. I've been in the mental health field in some form or fashion since 2010. I have been a fully licensed counselor approximately three years. I love what I do and can offer a competent approach that is centered in genuine concern and care for all individuals I encounter. I feel the most important aspect of a therapeutic relationship is trust and connection. A clients trust and transparency is the most valuable thing to me, and I will do everything within my professional power to preserve and maintain it, while remaining within the framework delineated by confidentiality laws. My approach to intervention is mainly Client-centered along with elements of Cognitive Behavior Therapy., Trauma Focused Therapy, Behavior Therapy, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, I feel it is important for clients to be autonomous and have control over the therapeutic direction. The goal is to provide an absolutely safe, judgement free zone to explore potential areas of growth and healing.


I received my undergraduate and graduate degrees from Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Alabama. I currently practice in Georgia as a Licensed Professional Counselor. I look forward to meeting you!

JG Headshot.jpg

Joshua Grubb

Mental Health Therapist

Hi, I’m Josh. Not Dr Josh, not Mr. Josh, just Josh. I know that sometimes life can be hard, demanding, uncertain and stressful. When life begins to feel this way, we feel defeated, hopeless, and stuck. We start to believe that nothing will ever change, and that we are doomed to live out our life in misery. Finding the motivation and will to identify what can be changed in your life can seem like an impossible task. Sometimes taking the first step on this journey means seeking the counsel of a mental health professional. This is where I come in, and can help provide insight into your life, and help you recognize what parts of your life require your attention most.

As I have encountered people over the years working as a counselor(and even before) I have learned that all of us are gifted and unique human beings searching for the meaning in our lives and around our lives. As a counselor, I take a person-centered, strength-based approach with everyone I encounter, and what this means is I believe there is not a one all cure for mental illness. The person and their unique struggles with their life must not be ignored. I also believe that we all possess strengths that can lead us to our innate power to heal. They just need to be found and tapped into. I recognize how difficult it can be to confront and look towards the scary and ugly parts of our lives. I am here to support you, and help you facilitate your own personal process of change. I enjoy working with all types of people who are struggling.

I have worked in mental health for 10 years, beginning in 2012 working as an in-home therapist with youth on probation and foster families. After, I worked as an intern at University of West Georgia Counseling Center while obtaining my counseling license. Upon graduating, I began a job working as an inpatient therapist at a hospital, and later transitioned to outpatient therapy where I remained for 7 years. I genuinely love working with the people I encounter, and it would be a pleasure to help guide you through your troubling time, struggles, and personal change process.

2023 S Huggins picture (3).jfif

Sandra (Sandy) Huggins

Mental Health Counselor

Hi, I'm Sandy.  I've been practicing counseling in some form or fashion for almost ten years.  I began working as a counselor because someone in the helping industry made a difference in my life many years ago during a tragic loss in my family.  I realized after going through my life experiences what a difference that person had made in my life. I decided that I wanted to be the type of person to help others through those hard times and make a difference in other people's lives.  It's always easy to find fault and blame when things go wrong, but I love to be able to find strengths and positive behaviors in people even when times are hard. 

 By using Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy, the client and I are able to establish relationships built on trust and empathy. This way the client is able to identify healthy behaviors and useful strengths while learning to implement them. I prefer to set goals that are attainable and strive to reach those goals.  Accomplishing goals in small steps increases my clients’ confidence  that they can be successful in conquering their fears and overcoming obstacles outside of therapy.  

While I enjoy seeing my clients on a regular basis, I would love it if they did not have to come see me anymore.  That would mean that we have accomplished all of their goals successfully.



Matthew Salter

Administrative Assistant

Hi, my name is Matthew. I am the administrative assistant here at Clarity. I know this can get mixed up with Matt, but I promise we are two different people. I am currently a senior psychology major at the University of West Georgia. I started working at Clarity Counseling in July of this year and it has been a great experience for me so far. After I graduate with my undergraduate degree in May, I plan to continue my studies at the University of West Georgia getting my master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling in the pursuit of becoming a Mental Health Counselor. I also plan on staying here at Clarity Counseling while I am in graduate school so I can continue to grow my skills and learn how to be a better counselor.  

I look forward to speaking with you!

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Podcast Coming Soon:
The Shrink Wrapped Sessions

A little funny, a little irreverent, but we'll always be dishing on the issues that face all the humans

on these trips around the sun. We'll share our own screw ups and the successes too. 

We hope to bring laughter and light to life's ludicrous moments!

Drop us an email below if you'd like us to let you know when it launches!

We'll let ya know when "The Shrink Wrapped Sessions" launch!

We want to be a resource for our community,
so feel free to read our Blog articles about mental health, life and podcast challenges. We hope they encourage you and help you navigate the situations in your own world.


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